What are Athletic Brothers?

Athletic Brothers

Official Characters of UNDOKAIYA

As you see, our characters are athletic shoes.
Older brother is called Right and younger brother is named Left, obviously
they are twins.
Athletic shoes are most likely to be hard players in the Undokai all in all.

We believe that timid children could be encouraged and feel “I am not alone!” by thinking and looking at the athletic shoes keep trying hard in the field.

These characters were born based on our wish for children to be courageous and to be familiar with Undokai.

Athletic brothers make a grand appearance in the field of Undokai occasionally,
but you never know when and where.
Join our Undokai and find them.

Athletic Brothers

They were born on the 10th of October, 1874 when the first Undokai has been held at Naval School in Japan and the place of their birth was Tsukiji, Tokyo where the Naval School has been located.

Athletic Brothers

A chewing gum is stuck on the back side of left shoe, it is because someone
stepped on a chewing gum when went out through the front door believing in a jinx that “the step must be always with the left foot out at first”.

It means that Undokai should be done without relying on jinx and like a mantra.

S. Kawahara